Thursday, August 2, 2012

Perfect home made French Fries

Though the rain continues to elude Bangalore that should be no excuse to keep away from rain time snacks like Bajjis,pakoras and French fries.

Nowadays there are very many frozen varieties available in the market, but when you have a toddler at home you can never stop worrying about all that goes into their mouths(i.e. with your knowledge, if you know what I'm saying)
And they just love potatoe dont they!! My 2 year old just loves potato roast, french fries and anything that has potato in it (are eating habits inherited too? I wonder).
So to enjoy a guilt free potatoe snack with your entire family this one bags the fries,I mean prize :).

Home Made French Fires:
Recipe: Cookery show on DD Malayalam


Potatoes 3-4
Salt - 1tsp (or as required)
Oil for frying
Water to boil the potatoes


Cut the potatoes into wedges not too thick or thin (as in the pics above).
Wash them well after they are cut as well to remove most of the starch content. This yields crispier fries.
Boil enough water in a wide mouthed vessel to immerse the entire set of fries. Smaller the vessel more batches you will have to make, as im lazy i prefer to get it over with at one shot.
Add salt.
Put the potatoe wedges into the boiling water and cook for 4-5 mins (depending on the thickness of your fries) . Keep checking and remove them once they are 3/4th cooked or just before they are cooked fully.

Drain them on a kitchen towel and try to remove as much moisture as possible.
Lay them in a single layer and microwave on high for roughly 2 mins to remove water content if any (optional).
Now take a kadai and add sufficient oil to deep fry the potatoes.
Keep on medium heat and fry till golden brown.
Drain them on kitchen paper and sprinkle salt while still hot (so that it sticks).
Enjoy with your favourite dips!!!!
Hopefully will feature some of my dips here too!!!

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